How To Winterfy Your Haven

Warm it up, then chill out. Turn your personal space into a personal sanctuary.  

The arrival of the chilliest season is the perfect occasion to make over your home base into the kind of cosy sanctuary that will spark joy. You’re spending even more time indoors, so make a few new season tweaks, and you’ll never want to leave.  


Adding a pop of colour isn’t the only way to switch up your home aesthetic. And just like in your cool weather wardrobe, interior style for winter is all about textures. That means trading your linen cushions for velvet, shag or needle punch and throwing a chunky knit blanket over the arm of your couch. Sticking with monochromatic tones across the whole room keep the vibe of the space calm, while the combination of the textures ensures it’s comfortable, cosy and inviting.  


Winter comes with longer stretches of darkness, so it’s important to get lighting right for the cooler months. Forgo your harsh overhead bulbs for the luminous glow of a candle and low wattage lamp lights in Warm White, for a gentle glow that feels tranquil. Find lamps with a sculptural quality or anything which makes you happy to look at, so they’re works of art whether they’re on or off.  


Like lighting, fragrance is a total mood setter. Filling your sanctuary with warming amber scents make the space cosy, without even needing to lift a finger to redecorate. Vanilla Bean & Allspice is creamy, sweet and spicy, so it’s a scent which comforts and cuddles. The soothing blend of notes like sandalwood and patchouli combine with citrus to make a fragrance that envelopes your space in calm. Keep it burning through those Netflix binges on the couch (the 350g candle has a burn time of 70 hours) or for a spill-proof option which is always on, our Vanilla Bean & Allspice Scent Stems with the Liquidless Diffuser Arc Holder, will fill your space with these nurturing notes for the most inviting welcome when you walk through your own doors.  

Ready to cosy up on the couch under a warm blanket? Learn more about the best scents for the cool nights ahead here.  

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