Three Ways to Transform Your Home into a Sumptuous Haven in Time for Autumn

As the nights and cooler weather slowly draws in, things start to wind down and vivid greens are replaced by warm, burnt oranges and reds, it’s the ideal moment to cosy up your home for the crisp days ahead.

With the seasonal switch to Autumn, we all want our home to be a sanctuary, a place for warmth and comfort, so we’ve compiled three ways on how you can prepare your home for the cooler months that transform any space into a sumptuous heaven.


Colour sets the mood and is a cost-effective way of saying ‘autumn is here’. We often associate autumn with warm, earthy, rich and fiery shades with colours like reds, oranges, yellows and caramels coming to mind. Utilising warm colours will instantly bring autumn indoors – minus the cold and leaves!

We find adding caramel or burnt orange coloured pillows into your space evoke feelings of warmth and security. Plus, they can easily be interchanged throughout the seasons.



Consider filling your home with warm and indulgent scent, it may be invisible, but scent has the power to instantly set the mood for any space bringing all the warm comfort of a hug to your home. Plus, candles will cast a cosier lighting perfect for the snuggle on the couch season.

We recommend amber fragrances. These heady blends of resins, sweet vanillas, spices and musks are famous for being known as the ones to turn towards to feel connected, sensual and relaxed. Try our warm, welcoming, creamy scent Vanilla Bean & Allspice, it is guaranteed to soothe your senses weaving its way throughout your home as if it is taking care of your space… and you!

After something a little more fresh, the creamy blend of our Sea Salt & Vanilla fragrance will instantly add a sense of calm to any space.


The cooler months calls for busting out your throws. Think faux fur throws, velvet, shearling, chunky knits and quilted blankets, anything with a heavier material weight is ideal to create a cosier feel and take the cool edge off.

Whether it’s thrown over your couch, bed or even draped over a dining room chair, the sight of one will instantly give any space a dose of warmth and soothing comfort – and yes, you’ll be glad you have a cosy, snuggle worthy throw within arm’s length.
For the perfect snuggle worthy throw, we recommend a soft textured fabric in warm tones, to introduce a textual update for the season. After a wow-factor, try a bold contrasting colour like teal blue.

Now that you have some inexpensive tips in transforming your home into a sumptuous haven for the cooler season, it’s time to start now!