CIRCA Fragrance Diffusers are designed to constantly release beautifully uncomplicated scents throughout your space for an always-on ambiance. They are available in two options: our signature 250mL Fragrance Diffuser and innovative Liquidless Diffuser with dry-diffusion technology.

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CIRCA Fragrance Diffusers provide a continuous scent delivery to make any space in the home smell divine all the time. Our liquidless flameless home fragrance option is ideal for high-traffic areas and families with children or pets.

CIRCA Fragrance Diffusers are made from a superior blend of high-quality fragrance, water and alcohol, and are designed to release scent into the air by drawing it through the high-quality natural fiber reeds. Now available in 12 fragrances, and housed in a beautiful, faceted glass vessel accented with an elegant gilver trimming, the CIRCA Fragrance Diffuser is sure to elevate any room in the home.

Alternatively, consider our innovative new Liquidless Diffusers. Using dry-diffusion technology, the Scent Stems™ are infused with an inviting fragrance that will fill your home with an evocative scent for up to 30 days. The Scent Stems™ are housed in a beautiful ceramic vessel, which is a stylish addition to any home. The CIRCA Liquidless Diffusers are flame-free and spill-proof, perfect for busy households or high-traffic areas in the home. They are available in seven of our most popular fragrances, or you can mix-and-match Scent Stems™ to create your own custom blend.  

*Please note that our 250mL Fragrance Diffusers are not eligible for express delivery, are sent via Direct Freight, and require a signature on delivery.