How To Choose A Perfect Signature Scent For Winter

Baby it’s cold outside. Kick back, snuggle in and make your space cosy for the short days and long nights ahead.

There is so much to love about winter. Cashmere knits, cocoon coats and all the excuses you need to tuck into mugs full of syrupy hot chocolate, but, if you’re only using the coolest season to switch from your summer to your winter wardrobe, you’re doing it wrong. Since those fragrance notes which sing on a warm summer breeze don’t have the same punch come the cooler weather, then winter is high time for swapping home scents too.  

For a winter makeover that’s floor-to-ceiling in an instant, look for fragrance notes which fill the room with warmth. Trade in the fruits and freshness that works so well at home through summer, for fragrances featuring deeper, warmer notes like amber and musk, to make things soothed and cosy.  

Warm notes work beautifully in a candle, because they’re also physically warm, courtesy of their hot, flickering flame. A floral fragrance like Narcissus & Patchouli has an indefinable velvety quality which keeps you coming back for more. It’s an online exclusive fragrance with a fusion of creamy florals, musk and sweet tonka, freshened with notes of mint, and spiced up with cardamon and cumin to make something simultaneously comforting and unique. Light it up on a chill evening or to add an edge to a romantic night in. Discover this impactful fragrance range.

For a warming scent with a bolder footprint fit for long, chilly nights, Amber & Sandalwood adds flirty femininity, guaranteed to illicit compliments. A heady blend of sweet-meets spicy, it features a pastiche of notes that make you want to reach out and touch them, like vanilla, iris and musk. The warmth in this amber scent makes it magnetic in a candle form, but for a more delicate – and daytime appropriate – version of the scent, the Fragrance Diffuser is a gorgeous addition to the loungeroom, fit for making a cool weather gathering more special – A next event must have, discover this hypnotic collection.  

And there you have a simple switch up to instantly give any space in your home a winter makeover.

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