Bathroom Styling 101

If there’s one place in the home where we could use unlimited storage, it’s the bathroom! If you think about it it’s easy for this area to become cluttered, especially the vanity - there’s makeup, hair tools, endless hygiene essentials from deodorants, cleansers and soaps and not to mention space for the towels.  

With some clever arrangement and space saving techniques, you can make your bathroom vanity more attractive, stylish and of course functional. With the help of our friend @Lisa De Sanctis, we’ve compiled some tips on how to instantly elevate this space – think luxurious day spa! 


To transform your bathroom into a sanctuary for pampering, clutter must be removed. “Declutter your bench top with the exception of a few carefully chosen essentials”. 

A simple solution to hiding the clutter and keeping your bathroom looking chic is to transfer all your makeup, hair tools and hygiene essentials into storage baskets or containers that sit in the vanity drawers, cupboards and open shelves (if you have any) to section each. This helps keep clutter to a minimum with designated containers for each item – Plus it also gives you easy access for when you need them. 

We also find transferring your shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap and moisturiser into clear bottles with cursive font labels on each add an aesthetic pleasing and luxe feel.  


Take the styling through to the whole bathroom, keeping all furnishings neutral - Think bath stools, hampers and bath caddies. To create the ultimate ‘private hotel suite’, we recommend adding all of the above if you have the space for it.   

Any bathroom can be instantly transformed by adding soft and luxurious white towels – The crisp white towels add warmth and dimension, reminding you of a luxurious hotel. Consider incorporating a towel ladder, this also adds a layer of dimension to the walls.   

Don’t forget about the texture! When it comes to texture, think outside the box - Try repurposing our CIRCA vessels as a jar to hold Q-tips or cotton pads, the faceted vessel adds a sophisticated style to the space.    


When it comes to the Bathroom vanity, a minimalistic approach is the best way to create a sense of luxury. If space allows, begin with adding a tray in a finish that suits the style of the bathroom such as concrete, marble or glass. Next add pieces onto the tray that you frequently use or that showcase your personal style, we like the idea of adding porcelain pieces to hold jewellery and our CIRCA Jasmine & Magnolia candle and diffuser to create a calming oasis.  

By introducing a styled vignette of grouped items, it can really soften the space and simply create a cohesion. 

“As a finishing touch, I love adding CIRCA’s Jasmine & Magnolia Hand Care Duo Set onto the bathroom vanity. The duo is a practical bathroom staple adding a little luxury to a mundane routine”


  1. Add some freshness into the space with an indoor plant or flowers. Fiddle leaf Figs are the plant of choice now, however any plant you like can help bring life into your bathroom. Try hanging, draping or putting the plant in a large pot in the corner of the room. Prefer fresh blooms? Add a bunch of flowers in a vase and place on your vignette. “I find adding a large plant next to the shower adds balance and compliments the space”    


    And there, you have created your spa like tranquil. A little styling for your bathroom can go a long way and can help you relax, recharge and practise a little self-care during your daily morning and evening routine.  

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