Hold On To The Scent Of Summer

Fragrance goes light and bright for the warmest weather of the year.

If you’re trading denim for linen, and cashmere for cotton, then try swapping your signature scent at home for something more suitable come summer. The best summertime fragrances have a simple sensibility. They’re fresh and airy, like a delicately sheer dress that catches on the balmy evening breeze or zesty and zingy like a cocktail served by the beach. The right fragrance will let you capture the free spirit of summer – of holidaying on the coast or lounging poolside, sipping on a drink with a paper umbrella peeping over the rim. Here are the scents that will make the sunshine vibes last through La Nina.


Scent your space with crisp, airy scents that fill the air with a carefree feeling of summer. Pear & Lime has a bright, vivacious quality which is an undeniable mood lifter whatever the weather outside. It’s refreshing like a run through the sprinklers on a hot day, so makes for an energising Hand Wash. Pair this revitalising cleanse with a matching Hand Lotion for a delicately scented kick you can keep smelling throughout the day. Or for a scent that fills a larger space, light the wick of an Oceanique 350g Candle. A fresh, unique fragrance inspired by an ocean breeze, it combines zingy citrus notes with the warmth of patchouli and softness of lavender to transport you somewhere sandy and salty in an instant.


Herald summer into your home with fresh, tropical scents you can almost taste. Gourmand fragrances full of punchy, appetising notes act like a jolt of energy in summer. Mango & Papaya is the perfect partner at home to make summer feel never ending. Use a Liquidless Diffuser Arc Holder and Scent Stems™ in the juiciest fragrance for instant sunshine. The tropical-centric blend has sweet notes of vanilla and musk that will remind you of balmy nights and icy cocktails. Or turn up that tropical volume to eleven with Coconut & Watermelon. It’s a light, bright scent which can’t help but induce happiness. A healthy dash of coconut milk adds to the sunny cocktail spirit, so we dare you not to want to keep the Fragrance Diffuser in your bathroom or wardrobe for summer morning pick-me-ups. For a grown-up take on a perfect summer fragrance, then Rose & Lychee is a bright, sophisticated scent. The fruit and flower mix is purpose built for an elegant evening soiree on a hot night, so try it in a long-burning 350g Candle. It comes in a chic, faceted glass vessel, so casts a beautiful, flickering glow.

Shop for scents which are going to give you instant sunshine, by going Fresh or Fruity.

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