Welcome To The Family: Amber & Sandalwood

CIRCA has a new scent, the warm and sensual blend of Amber & Sandalwood. This fragrance has a toasty depth, while still being light enough to infuse your spaces during the day. It inspires relaxation, making it the perfect choice for a lounge area or bedroom.

Rich and hypnotic, Amber & Sandalwood is a fantastic clock-off combination, for that moment when you can exhale and pour a glass of your favourite wine. Top notes of Orange and Magnolia add a brightness that will make sure you don’t feel sleepy, while Vanilla and Musk are as comforting as a warm hug.


Amber & Sandalwood 60g Candle

Handmade and poured in Australia using a soy-blend wax, premium fragrance oils and cotton wicks, our candles are safe and luxurious. The glass jar is not just beautifully made, but reusable and our scented soy candle lasts up to 20 hours.

Amber & Sandalwood 350g Candle

For ultimate luxury, invest in up to 70 hours of your favourite scent, providing a consistent fragrant backdrop to whatever the day brings.

Amber & Sandalwood 250mL Fragrance Diffuser

All of our Fragrance Diffusers feature innovation and sleek design at the forefront. Made in Australia with nothing but water, alcohol and high-quality fragrant oils - the glass bottle of our Liquid Diffusers is both reusable and recyclable.