Using Fragrance at Home This Spring by Tara Dennis

I love this time of year! Daylight savings gives us the gift of extra time in the evening to enjoy ourselves at home, spending time with family or even entertaining guests. In my house, we’ll have family coming to visit on and off right up until Christmas, and with such a busy few months ahead, I find it really useful to have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep the house looking and smelling fabulous!

I always have the guest bedroom ready to go, just in case! With fresh sheets on the bed, all that’s needed are a few finishing touches, like a stool beside the bed for water or a reading light, and a nice smelling candle! A classic candle is the perfect size for a guest room, and for a restful night’s sleep, I can’t go past Vanilla and Neroli.

Keep your kitchen clean and always fresh with a beautiful hand soap at the sink, and a candle burning near by. You just can’t go wrong with citrus for the kitchen, which is why I always keep a couple of packs of my favourite Pear & Lime hand wash under the sink, so I never run out! As the weather gets warmer, remember to keep a jug of cold water with slices of lemon or lime close at hand so guests can help themselves.

We all have our favourite go-to fragrances when it comes to candles, but have you ever thought of combining your favourites to create something new? It’s so important to make the most of any rare moment of down time at this time of year, so I like to burn a combination of fragrances to leave me feeling relaxed and reinvigorated. Oceanique & Fresh Linen produces a fresh, calming scent which is perfect next to the bath in the evening.

While you’re busy at home, you don’t always want to be worried about leaving naked flames unattended, especially if you have young children or pets that could knock a candle over! Keep your living areas inviting and smelling beautiful without the worry by keeping a diffuser or a wax burner in a central spot.

Again, I love to combine different fragrances to give the room a unique atmosphere. My current favourite combination is a Mango & Papaya diffuser with Fresh Linen wax melts for a clean, earthy fragrance infused with tropical fruits.