How to Elevate Summer Bliss

There’s no doubt home is where the heart is, and what could be dreamier and more blissful than bringing that feeling of warmth, sunshine and long, lazy days at the beach for the home?

So, with the help of our friend Nicole Rosenberg @liberty.interiors, we’ve compiled some tips on how you can capture just that and elevate the summer bliss.


Whether it’s furnishings made from natural materials, a bunch of flowers or a love affair of an abundance of plants, bringing the outside in is all part of adding to summer happiness. Summer is often associated with fresh blooms, like frangipani & jasmine with lush greens, we recommend adding bright blooms in the entryway of your home, whether it’s for yourself or your loved ones, fresh blooms are lovely way to solicit a smile from all those who enter your space.

Our pick would be summer blooming magnificent, ivory white Magnolia and to accentuate the entry space, try our Jasmine & Magnolia Fragrance Diffuser to really amplify the floral notes and that “home sweet home” feeling next time you walk in the door.


Summer is all about bright colours and tropical design inspired trends encompass that entirely. From tropical palm themed paintings and exotic flower printed cushion covers to bold bright pinks, yellows and greens – this trend instantly lifts the mood to fun and cheerful, helping you embrace summer.

Prefer a more subtle approach to bold prints? Start off small with cushion covers or small accessories as an inexpensive way to giving your home a summer lift. After all, who doesn’t love a tropical palm cushion cover!


There is something soothing about choosing your favourite pieces around the home and arranging them, then rearranging them or adding new pieces. We find this is an effortless way in transforming and freshening up your space.

Nicole @liberty.interiors, recommends to try styling your shelves with coral or shell décor to really capture the essence of summer. We find this will also pair perfectly with our Oceanique Scented Soy Candle – The uplifting, fresh and cool aquatic notes will have you convinced your sofa is a hammock. Discover the rest of the Oceanique fragrance range here.


Summer calls for breezy linens and sheer fabrics. We recommend changing over your curtains to soft linen or sheer fabrics to really dial up the summer mood in your home. Sheer fabric is perfect for elevating the space, allowing more natural light in to brighten up your home. 

“I like to keep things simple and fresh for summer. I like to use crisp, natural linens with accents of muted colours.”


Add fragrance into every corner of your home to instantly take your home from everyday to a tropical oasis. Fragrance can help capture that warm weather feeling, balmy island fresh air and infuse a sense of relaxation into your space – like you just came back from a long, lazy day at the beach.

“I’m using CIRCA in almost every room in the house at the moment! Scent is such an important sense and leaves a lasting impression.”

Our Limited Edition Scents Of Summer set has covered every summer fragrance, from zesty citrus, tropical fruits, fresh florals and a cool ocean breeze to help set that summer mood.

It doesn’t feel like summer until all of your senses are tickled with the sweet scents of summer. I love adding each to the dining table to elevate those special summer moments spent with friends and family.


Image credit @liberty.interiors

If you like, fragrance zoning around the house is something that is really easy to do. We recommend placing Mango & Papaya in the guest bedroom, Pear & Lime in the kitchen for a little pick me up when it comes to prepping family dinner and Oceanique in the living room for a moment of calm.


And there you have it, some inexpensive and easy tips to elevating and bringing summer into your home.