Hosting a Picturesque Candlelit Picnic

As dusk dreamily gathers, the summer sunsets are the perfect backdrop to dine alfresco and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’ve got the perfect date night idea for you – A picturesque candlelit picnic!

A casual classic with a luxurious upgrade, think sun kissed skylines, glowing lights and a basket bursting of cheese, fresh baguette, sweet white wine and chocolate strawberries. Whether it be a romantic evening with your one and only or a fun night with the ladies - what better way to celebrate love with who you love. So with a little planning, we’ve pulled together a list of picnic pointers to hosting an insta-worthy picnic.


Gone are the days where you would simply grab a blanket and head to the park for a quick picnic – sure there’s no planning involved but where’s the fun in that! The perfect picnic includes everything you need and nothing you won’t use, so its especially important to pack efficiently.

And with a checklist of all the right essentials, it’s as easy as the set up – yes we have done the checklist for you! So make sure to grab:

> A stylish woven picnic blanket and pillows for the perfect level of comfort from Wilder the Label – after something more sensuous, try silk sheets.

> An insulated picnic basket from Wilder the Label.

> Plastic plates, cutlery, napkins and cups.

> Cutting boards and a cheese knife.

> Of course, the spread and the bubblies.

> A Corkscrew/bottle opener.

> Ice packs to keep everything cool.

> CIRCA Candles and a lighter.

> A portable speaker to liven things up and dance long into the evening.

> CIRCA White Tea & Wild Mint 50ml Hand Sanitiser to keep the germs away.

> And finally, the Mosquito repellant for those unwanted friends.


The word picnic is theorized to come from the French phrase “pique une niche”, also known as pick a place. You should choose the picnicking location carefully and opt for one with a view, we recommend the beach - A great destination that appeals to the majority, boosting with ocean views, sand between your toes and cool aquatic breezes. It also makes the perfect backdrop for all your pictures and the best spot to watch the sunset or stargaze.  


Once you have the location sorted and all the essentials from your check list are by your side, next is setting the mood! Start by laying out your picnic rug and adding CIRCA Soy Candles around the outside of your rug to create a glowing ambience that will last long into the evening and lift your picnic from everyday to luxurious. We recommend using our Oceanique 60g candles, to really amplify the cool aquatic and fresh notes of the ocean.


Food is probably one of the best things about picnics, especially the bubblies. When it comes to the spread, keep it simple, light and fresh, keeping in mind the presentation!

For some menu inspiration we recommend a classic cold meats and cheese board accompanied by fresh baguette, olives, nuts and fresh fruits like grapes and strawberries that can be evenly spread out across the board – you can find these all at your local grocery store. To compliment the beach location, add a dozen of natural oysters to the menu – not big on Oysters, swap these for artichokes which are also known for love sparking qualities.

As for the bubblies, we find a sweet white wine is best and for a classic end to the night, indulge in chocolate coated strawberries while stargazing for a relaxing finish.

And now you’re set to start planning a candlelit picnic that will be sure to impress your valentine or the gals. You can thank us later!