Fragrance Layering: Scents For Each Space

Do you have a special perfume for evening, or use a different spritz for summer and winter? It’s no wonder, fragrance has the incredible ability to set your mood and complement different environments and occasions. So why not apply the same approach to your home fragrance? It’s one of the easiest ways to elevate and define your space.

You could pair scent profiles together for your own bespoke blend, or you could instead think of your home as zones, and choose your fragrance accordingly.

Consider what happens in a certain location – what kind of mood or ambiance do you want to create? Is it a small intimate space, such as the bedroom, or are you looking to spark creativity in a home office?


  • The warm, grounding notes from the amber family of fragrances are a perfect addition to the bedroom. Try Amber & Sandalwood.
  • An uplifting scent from the fresh family, like Pear & Lime, will inject an uplifting energy to the kitchen, without overpowering your food.
  • Solicit a smile from all those who enter your home by infusing uplifting floral notes, such as those found in Jasmine & Magnolia, in the entryway.
  • For an energising, citrusy fragrance that makes a welcome addition in your home office (and helps you to focus), consider Oceanique.
  • Calming and comforting, fragrance notes from the gourmand family, like those in Vanilla Bean & Allspice, are made for cosy nights in the living room.

Coco Camellia also makes a case for fragrance-zoning, choosing our Oceanique Soy Candle to set the tone for her day:


“Adding a scent can instantly elevate the zone and give clarity and focus to achieve whatever comes next, whether it be working from home or simply unwinding. With notes of Orange Blossom, Bergamot and Patchouli, it makes me feel like spring is well and truly in the air.”@coco.camellia_