Five Ways To Master The Magic of Christmas

Make your list. Check it twice.

The feeling you get from the festive season is made even more special with family traditions. Establish a new set of customs that you can come back to every year.


Decorating your gingerbread house makes for a sweet, holiday activity but nothing lays down a more vivid memory than the taste of your own freshly baked gingerbread cookies. Mix and ice them on Christmas eve to set the mood and boost the nostalgic scent in the air by burning the oversized 350g Gingerbread Cookies Soy Candle.


Any activity can be made better with the company of those you love, so gather your favourite rolls of wrap and ribbon, and turn the volume up on a playlist of classic carols.


Scent has a way of tapping into emotions, so build happy holiday memories that have their own signature fragrance. Raspberry & Rhubarb (available in both a 350g soy candle and 250ml fragrance diffuser) is a vibrant, sparkling blend of fruits that livens up the room. Set it on the dining table to keep the conversation flowing. For festive season scent without the risk of mess (handy if you have little ones amongst the crew), try the Liquidless Diffuser Set. It comes with a chic Ceramic Holder and Scent Stems™ in both Raspberry & Rhubarb and Jasmine & Magnolia.


Every child’s favourite Christmas activity (aside from opening the gifts) can be a magical way to come together. Share the history of your best decorations (and add to the collection with our Sea Salt & Vanilla Ornament – the perfect addition to every tree) and turn it into a tree lighting ceremony you can toast to. Boost the scent emitting from your tree with the genius new Mini Christmas Tree Pine & Snow Gum Scent Stems™ - they hang right on the tree and throw a festive Fir, Pine and Eucalyptus fragrance around the room.


Stock up on extra Kris Kringle gifts, so you’re ready for any unexpected guests. The Hand Care Duos (available in Pear & Lime, Oceanique or Jasmine & Magnolia) is the perfect, suit-anyone present. Better yet, the packaging is so pretty, you don’t even have to wrap it.

Inspire your own best festive season yet, by shopping the whole limited-edition collection here.

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Raspberry & Rhubarb

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