Express Yourself Through Fragrance

With sense of smell one of our most powerful senses, we’ve hand selected three feel-good fragrances to help you get over the Autumn hump. Each offers something a little bit different, so why not try one (or all three). You never know where it might take you.

Cotton Flower & Freesia

If you want to hang on to the fresh and floral fragrances
of summer just a little longer, Cotton Flower & Freesia is
a delightful mild weather option (with a fall-in-love
guarantee). This simply gorgeous fragrance will not
disappoint with its posy of Freesia and White Rose,
balanced by Cucumber and Musk. Give it a try and tell
us how it makes you feel.

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Neroli & Vanilla

This soothing blend of Amber, Neroli and Jasmine is expertly infused with Vanilla, perfect for reading a book, starting a new craft project or taking a luxurious bath. Subtle enough not to overpower, but powerful enough to fill the room, if it’s ‘me time’ you need to get you through, then this is the fragrance to choose.

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Blood Orange

This energising fragrance will inspire creativity and reignite
passion – for things and people. The subtle notes of Blood
Orange, Grapefruit, Apple and Jasmine combine beautifully
to make this fab new fragrance the perfect transition from
Summer to Winter. Light it up, let your hair down and get
ready to feel the buzz return.

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