Elevate Your Everyday

At CIRCA we aim to enrich women’s lives by helping transform houses into homes, and homes into havens.

CIRCA’s artisanal range of products are made for all moments of the day – the grounding through to the energising – to help set your desired mood. We asked four CIRCA friends (and devotees) to share how their favourite fragrances elevate their everyday.


Steffanie Tzaneros (@steffanietzaneros) elevates her everyday by trying to find a happy balance in the morning – giving her the positive energy to do the things she loves. With her CIRCA Jasmine & Magnolia candle lit in the background and a fresh face mask on, she starts the day with a moment, just for her.

“This fragrance, to me, is truly the epitome of what a floral fragrance should smell like: feminine, soft and romantic."


Jasmine Stefanovic (@jasyarby) lights the CIRCA Mango & Papaya candle – which reminds her of warm weather and drinking cocktails by the pool – while she has an evening bubble bath for some much-needed ‘me time’.

"I love that even on the coldest of days, this candle can certainly give me those sunshine feelings.”


Ali Whittle (@aliwhittle_) uses her favourite energising CIRCA Pear & Lime Candle to help with productivity. After lighting her candle, she tidies up her space and adds some music for a clear mood and mind.

“The Pear & Lime scent makes me think of springtime; it’s a gorgeous, fresh and invigorating scent!”


Geneva Vanderzeil (@genevavanderzeil) counteracts chaotic moments by lighting the calming CIRCA Amber & Sandalwood Candle. It’s the simple things, such as making a cup of tea in her favourite mug and remaking the bed with fresh linen sheets, that Geneva savours.

“By elevating the everyday, life is exciting and happiness-filled, even when it's messy and chaotic.”