Elevate The Everyday With Scent

There’s no denying it now. The holidays are truly over. Work resumes and with it comes routine, leather shoes, zoom meetings and alarm clocks. That doesn’t mean that we can’t bring some of those sweet summer vibes back to the office with us. Taking pleasure in the little things will make the transition all the smoother.

Steal small moments from your day to practice gratitude. Like the serene early morning minutes lying in bed somewhere between asleep and awake, listening to the first sounds of the day. Take a minute to breath in the fresh morning air, a mix of salty ocean spray and earthy morning dew. Run your hand over the fresh white linen sheets as they pucker and dip across the bed like soft sand dunes. Feel the warmth of the first sparks of sunlight smuggling through breaks in the blinds, painting the bedroom with a cosy warm light. Exhale.

Back at work may look a little different this year as the morning bus commute is replaced with a stroll from the bedroom to the study, and the daily gym workout traded for a virtual one. Without the physical change in scenery to break up your day, practice rituals and introduce scents to help create the right moods to compliment your activities. Citrus notes boost concentration and focus, so keep a BLOOD ORANGE scented candle on your desk to light as you log into your emails, marking the beginning of your day. The zesty scent will boost energy levels better than any amount of coffee. Exhale.

Step away from your computer, find an open window and take ten deep belly breaths. Bring the outdoors in with a candle that nods to those long summer days spent outside in nature like fresh COTTON FLOWER & FREESIA. Exhale.

As 6pm looms, create a ritual to log off and begin your evening of relaxation. Take a long, scented bath once you clear away your office space, then light a JASMINE & MAGNOLIA candle to relax and reset as you wash away the day. Exhale.

Whether you are entertaining guests or setting the table for one, treat the evening with the same attention to detail. An intimate dining experience at home calls for a fragrance that smells elevated but still feels cosy and inviting like VANILLA BEAN & ALLSPICE.

Refresh your powder room with a PEAR & LIME scented candle, bring out your starched linen napkins and decanter your wine. Set your favourite playlist to play and cheers to perfect pairings. Red wine and steak. Vanilla Bean pudding topped with a sprinkle of Sea Salt. A cosy armchair and a captivating book to wind down, ready for a night of rest and restoration. Exhale.