A Mini Guide to Planning a Magical Christmas

You’re three steps from Martha Stewart status.

In charge of planning Christmas lunch this year? Here’s how to impress your guests, stress-free.



You don’t need a certification in styling to master the art of table scaping. Start with linens in a festive palette (green, red, gold, white) to set a solid foundation. Next, decide on a simple centrepiece. For a classic feel, go for florals accented with pine and berries. The details matter most: turn decorated gingerbread cookies into makeshift name places (complete with piped icing names), then scatter candles down the table for instant ambiance. Our seasonal 350g Scented Soy Candles are perfect – pick from Raspberry & Rhubarb, Pine & Snow Gum or Gingerbread Cookies. (The first two are also available as Fragrance Diffusers too, for a flameless alternative.) The finishing touch? Stocking stuffer-sized candles for guests to tote home. Try our chic Sea Salt & Vanilla 60g Soy Candle Ornament or split up the Mini Candle Trio Set.


Simple and straightforward should be your buzzwords. Start with a theme (think: classic baked dinner or elevated barbecue) to ensure your menu all fits together. Preparation is key to taking the stress out of dishing up a meal and drinks for a full table – happily, appetisers, cocktails and desserts can all be made in advance. Not a budding MasterChef? Whip up a grazing platter, chill some wine and water and outsource the rest.


A festive home fragrance may not seem like a key styling addition but go for something evocative and it will create an atmosphere of Christmas cheer. Choose your scent based on the mood you want to set. Raspberry & Rhubarb is bright, cheery and effervescent and goes perfectly with seafood and Champagne. Pine & Snow Gum is uplifting with a nostalgic edge that’ll inject a little sentimentality into your celebrations. If you’re planning to end the meal with seasonal baked goods, Gingerbread Cookies is a no-brainer. It evokes a fresh from the oven scent, warming the space with luscious gourmand notes that are (almost) good enough to eat.

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