How to Style Your Bedroom Between Seasons - By Tara Dennis

While it may not feel like it yet, Autumn is definitely here and cooler weather is just around the corner! One of the biggest challenges of the season can be in getting your bedroom comfortable for optimum sleep, the nights are certainly still warm but the mornings are starting to feel a little chilly. With this in mind, I’ve put together a few tips that I use to style my bedroom at this time of year with just the right amount of cosy to transition into cooler weather.

It’s time to start thinking about having the winter duvet cleaned, and start shopping for fresh, plump bed pillows. Often at this time of year, I find layering can really make things more comfortable and use a top sheet with a cosy blanket instead of a duvet for the right amount of warmth. Start with simple base layers. I made the switch a few years ago to using linen sheets, and I’m a total convert. Linen is a remarkable fibre in that it wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping us cool and dry while we sleep. Being too warm at night can result in a disrupted sleep, so it is beneficial to remain on the cooler side, making sure you are comfortable for a good night’s rest.

During the warmer months, I opt for white linen for my sheets, duvet cover and pillow cases. The result is a clean base layer that can easily be spruced up and taken into Autumn with colourful and textural accessories. While the weather stays warm, style your space to match the season, with fresh, bright colours that lighten the room, and change the roles into deeper, muted shades for a restful ambience as the temperatures drop.

While there’s much debate about how many scatter cushions are too many when styling your space, my best advice is to use your discretion about what is right for you and your home. I like to start with a European pillow at the back, with regular sleeping pillows propped in front, both in neutral colours. I then add a square cushion in front of each sleeping place, usually 50x50cm in size. To add a bit of interest, as well as colour, consider adding pattern in these cushions too! Now, you could easily stop here, but I often like to add an additional small cushion in front to bring the whole look together. A smaller square or lumbar cushion is best, and for added cosiness, try a different texture, such as wool, velvet or even faux fur!

Alternatively, add a throw instead of more cushions - again with some texture - to complete the look. My favourite winter blanket is wool and I love using an alpaca throw which can be beautiful draped at the end of the bed and just the right weight to add a bit of warmth when needed.

For the final touch, surround yourself with treasured possessions, as well as some of your favourite things. These could be family photographs, a favourite painting, fresh flowers, or your favourite scented candle. I always like to have something with a soft, warming scent to burn before bedtime – Neroli & Vanilla is perfectly calming for a good night’s rest!